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20001221: McIDAS X 7.7 on i386-linux (cont.)

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES
>Keywords: 200012212111.eBLLBAo05506 McIDAS-X 7.70 mcserv


re: update to 7.70
>I just download the package after your second post (12/18/2000). I hope the 
>upgrade is include in the tar file.

Yes, it is.

re: what, if any, other applications are you running on this machine

>McIDAS is the only application I am running at the time.  For your
>information, I am running GNOME window system.

That is what I use on my RedHat 6.2 Linux machine at home.

re: your problem is in accessing a 'mcserv' that is not McIDAS'
>You are absolutely right:

>mcserv(8)                                               mcserv(8)
>       mcserv - Midnight Commander file server.
>       mcserv [-diqvf] [-p portnum]

Great.  I have run into this one before but not often since I typically
have the $MCGUI directory at the front of my MCPATH.

>I am new to Linux.  After I get rid of mcserv in /usr/bin/mcserv, it works.


>Now I run into another problem.  The loop function from Unidata menu system is
>not working.  It always display one picture on frame 11.  The output from 
>command window:
>Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 310256                                  
>IMGDISP: loaded frame  11                                                     
>EG   11 ; MAP H 1 GRA=  11  WID=1; BAR GRA=  11  ORI=VER NO SU= X             
>IMGDISP: done                                                                 
>EU: Restoring IMAGE.ET     to frame(s)=  11                                   
>EU: Done                                                                      
>Erased graphic frame(s) 11-11                                                 
>MAP: Completed frame 11                                                       
>It should be defined in UNIMENU.DEF??

Yes, the look limits are defined by McIDAS string values:

REM Image loop start frame and number of images to load:
REM   ?AFRMS - Antarctic composite
REM   ?FFRMS - Floaters
REM   ?HFRMS - Water Vapor
REM   ?IFRMS - Infrared
REM   ?MFRMS - Manually Digitized Radar
REM   ?VFRMS - Visible

?AFRMS    "1  10
?FFRMS    "1  10
?HFRMS    "1  10
?IFRMS    "1  10
?MFRMS    "1  10
?VFRMS    "1  10

Your output, however, looks as though you were running a single station
load.  The Fkey menu image load page needs the user to toggle CTRL-F12
(CF12) in order to jump to the page that does the image loop loads.  I
just ran this here in my office, and I got a 10 frame loop just like
I expected.

This problem could also be related to your Gnome setup: the window manager
may be trapping the CTRL-F12 key sequence.  I vaguely remember going into
the Gnome configuration and removing special meanings for several keystrokes
that are used by the Fkey menu.  I don't specifically remember if CTRL-F12
was one of them, however.

I was originally going to say that since I don't have a Linux box as my
workstation here at Unidata, I can't tell you if Gnome needs to be
configured to not intefere with CTRL-F12 key strokes, but I jumped on
someone else's RedHat 6.2 box; started McIDAS; and tested the loop
loading from the Fkey menu.  Everything worked fine, so I am left to
conclude that either the machine's Gnome had been configured to allow
the needed Fkey strokes (it was Don's machine), or CTRL-F12 is not
trapped by Gnome.

Please let me know if the problem persists after you check the currently
used values for Fkey menu strings:

TL ?

If in this list you don't see the strings ?AFRMS, ?FFRMS, etc., then
you should do a:



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