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20001205: mcinet7.7.sh doesn't support OSF1

>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Utah State University
>Keywords: 200012060629.eB66TXo08358 McIDAS-X 7.7 mcinet7.7.sh


>I think that you might of left out OSF1 as 
>a valid OS in the mcinet7.7.sh at least on the release
>that I loaded today, also the netstat -a works on my
>system ( DEC/COMPAQ OSF1 ) but the mcinet7.7.sh barks
>that ERROR cannot find netstat - 
>it is in /usr/sbin/netstat - on both flavors of our OSF1
>Hope this helps

This did help, thanks!  I just updated the copy of mcinet7.7.sh in
the unix/770 directory of the passworded McIDAS FTP account and also
the copy that gets included in the compressed distribution tar file,

Again, thanks for the quick report of this oversight.

Tom Yoksas

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