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20001113: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC (cont.)

>From: Steven Danz <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aviation Weather Center
>Keywords: 200011131943.eADJhcO11970 McIDAS-X install ADDE hosts.allow


re: TCP wrapper stuff in inetd.conf

>Too true, I just slapped in the /usr/sbin/in.tcpd and forgot to remove the
>extra ref to mcservsh...

OK.  Just for information sake, RedHat 7.0 no longer runs inetd!
Instead, it runs xinetd and the configuration files are
/etc/xinetd.conf which points to /etc/xinetd.d/...  The xinetd.d
directory contains files for each of the services that are to be
configured.  This change is one of the things that I have to work on in
the 7.7 release.

re: /etc/hosts.allow needs  mcservsh:       ALL

>Had that done before I started... Should be ready to go...  Let me know what
>is broken.

The last time I looked (last evening), hosts.allow did not have the
mcservsh line in it.  Perhaps as a consequence of this I was unable to
exercise the ADDE remote server successfully even from ftb2.


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