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20001113: higher res topo file (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Universal Weather and Aviation
>Keywords:  200011101719.eAAHJaD06220 McIDAS-X topography imagery


>I made the AREA file on psnldm (NSBF) and here locally at Universal
>Weather(after I built makearea.k) and they both produce the same type of


>I just cut and pasted your commands into the McIDAS session to eliminate
>typos.  I ran it on psnldm from the command line.  I did use EU=IMAGE
>and still the same thing..also EB had practically no effect on the
>I am frankly pretty stumped.  I tried it on three different machines..
>psnldm (Unidata McIDAS 7.6, Sol 7-Sparc SC5.0), impactwx6 (SSEC
>McIDAS7.7 Sol 8-Sparc
>SC6.0), and impactwx4 (SSEC McIDAS 7.5 Sol 2.6-Sparc SC4.2).
>I am dumbfounded..

Are any/all of the machines running a remote ADDE server?  If so, is
the resultant image accessible to me?  If so, what dataset should I
point at?


We will get to the bottom of this!


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