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20001025: 20001025: FW: FOS/NOAAPORT NOTICE NO. 1814

>From: "Batson, Bryan" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  JSFC
>Keywords:  200010252007.e9PK7r429975 NOAAPORT NIDS


>Thanks for the info.  I will continue searching for NWS'  NOAAPORT radar

OK.  If you run into anything particularly interesting, please let us
know about it.

>In the mean-time, I don't recall whether the issue of priority was resolved
>with the MUG folks regarding adoption of the radar products. For my two
>cents, I think the MUG should adopt your changes ASAP so that their NOAAPORT
>users can start using the radar data as soon after Jan 1 as possible.
>(perhaps an XCD fastrak?). IMHO, this should have priority over the
>GRIB/BUFR server development.

Russ Dengel and I have already started talking about this.

>In a related note, will the university users of Unidata radar data be
>getting their data from NWSTG/IDD or from WSI after Jan 1?

NOAAPORT TG via the IDD and ADDE servers.

>I assume they
>will be able to start putting a bunch of radar data on their respective
>websites once the NIDS contract ends.

Yes, and I imagine that a number of them have been chomping at the bits to
do this.


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