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20001025: IMGREMAP: MAG= vs RES= (cont.)

>From: Jason Allard <address@hidden>
>Organization: PSU
>Keywords: 200010240345.e9O3jC425238 McIDAS-X IMGREMAP MAG RES


Oops, I forgot to add a couple of things to my previous email.

Several times you noted that you wanted to create a remapped image that
covered US states in the mid-west.  You noted that you were going to
use IMGREMAP with the following keywords:


There is no PLA= keyword for IMGREMAP, and, I just found, if you
specify it you will get an error that looks like:

IMGREMAP: Invalid projection specified = LAMB

I believe that this is a bug, and I will report it back to SSEC.

The other thing is that the specification of:


will result in a remapped area that is in southern Canada.  Since you noted
that you were interested in US states:

"The core area of the US that I want is the Midwest (MN, IA, MO, WI, IL,
IN, MI, OH, KY)."

you will need to move your center LAT (55) further south.


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