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20001023: McIDAS-X 7.7 ADDE dataset configuration (cont.)

>From:  address@hidden
>Organization:  UVa
>Keywords:  200010111541.e9BFfL419853 McIDAS-X 7.70 ADDE DSSERVE DIRFILE


OK, here is the bad news.  The McIDAS-X 7.7 way of defining ADDE
datasets through use of the DIRFILE= keyword on DSSERVE only works for
images.  Somehow I had been led to believe that this formalism should
work for image, point, and grid data, but I was misled (I don't know
how).  I verified this last night by code diving in the ADDE server
source code for MD files.  The beginnings of support for DIRFILE=
specifications is there, but that is as far as it goes.

Sorry for misleading you on this one.  I hope that the access to the
TOPSE imagery data will allow you to do some of the work you need.  The
only thing I can suggest for the MD and GRID data is to create a set of
BATCH files that define REDIRECTions for the MDXX and GRID files in
TOPSEA, TOPSEB, etc.  When you want to work on a single set, you will
have to make those REDIRECTions active in the 'mcadde' account before
you attemt to access the data.  Also, you will have to remove the
definitions for MD and GRID datasets in the TOPSE ADDE BATCH file that
I created in ~mcadde/workdata.  I wish I could help in this effort,
but I am more than totally consumed by workshop activities.

It is my intention to try and add the needed support as soon as I can,
but this will have to wait until after my McIDAS training workshops are

I am bumming about this...


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