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20001009: Blizzard dataset

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200010091940.e99JeC405907 blizzard dataset

Hi Tony-

>We have a student doing the unidata Learning Guide. He couldn't
>access the files on the BLIZZARD group today. The commands and
>responses look like this:
>DATALOC ADD BLIZZARD ADDE.UNIDATA.UCAR.EDU                             
>Group Name                    Server IP Address                        
>--------------------         ----------------------------------------  
>BLIZZARD                     ADDE.UNIDATA.UCAR.EDU                     
><LOCAL-DATA> indicates that data will be accessed from the local data >
>DATALOC -- done                                                        
>DSINFO IMAGE BLIZZARD                                                  
>        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: BLIZZARD                
>Name         NumPos   Content                                          
>------------ ------   --------------------------------------           
>G7-IR-4K         3    Storm of the Century G7 IR                       
>G7-VIS-1K        1    Storm of the Century G7 1K                       
>G7-VIS-4K        3    Storm of the Century G7 Vis                      
>G7-VIS-FD        1    Storm of the Century G7 16K                      
>IMAGES          14    Storm of the Century Images                      
>M3-IR            3    Storm of the Century M3 IR                       
>M3-VIS           3    Storm of the Century M3 VIS                      
>DSINFO -- done                                                         
>IMGLIST BLIZZARD/G7-VIS-4K.ALL                                         
>Image file directory listing for:BLIZZARD/G7-VIS-4K                    
>IMGLIST: No images satisfy the selection criteria                      
>IMGLIST: done                                                          
>Any ideas? Are the files gone from your server now?

We had a disk crash and lost those images and never restored them.
I just restored them, so try again.

Thanks for keeping us honest.

Don Murray

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