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20000814: Printing from McIDAS (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200008140350.e7E3ogN04904 McIDAS printing DEV=P

Elen and John,

>I am sorry to tell you that the printer is still not "visible" from mcidas
>in my account (cutrim).  When I do the command:
>LA 6239 6258 DEV=P lpr -Pqms
>the next line says:
>difax: unknown printer

Since I can do the equivalent on my machine here at Unidata, I assume
that the problem is either:

o your session doesn't know what the printer 'qms' is


o there is a problem with 'qms'

>Maybe John has to give the IP address of the -Pqms printer to Tom so he
>can make mcidas "see" the printer.

This is not a McIDAS thing.  I did no configuration to my McIDAS installation
to make the following work:


Elen, you should test to see if you can print anything to 'qms' outside
of McIDAS.  Until that works, printing from inside McIDAS will not work.

>From address@hidden Mon Aug 14 13:37:29 2000

>Ok Tom,

>I see what you are saying.  But there use to be a command on McIDAS that
>we could do a Screen dump and print anything on the screen including
>image and graphs.

The screen dump stuff that I remember was in McIDAS-OS2 (and -DOS).
It was never in -X

>But also one could print any statistics or command by just adding a
>parameter DEV=P.  I thought McIDAS-X needed just the identification of the

For printing textual things you are correct.  I verified this by successfully
running the IMGLIST command above.  The printer 'hp' is accessible to me
in my Unix session, and I didn't have to do anything in McIDAS to use
output capabilities.

>I will try to save the images as GIF and use xview or something else to
>print the images.  But I cannot print any text from the dialog window.
>Basically, I would like to know the content of each GOES image area.

OK.  I think that the ball is in John T's and your court on this one
as there is no additional stuff that has to be done to McIDAS.

>Right now, I am writing on my laptop the date and time of each area after 
>I display them, so when I need to revisit these areas I know who they are.

I understand.  Again, get the printing working outside of McIDAS first
and then it should work with no additional effort inside of McIDAS.


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