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20000812: system operation while Elen is on leave

>From: "Dr. Elen Cutrim" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200007181435.e6IEZAT22632 McIDAS-X -XCD ADDE LDM install


>While I am in Brazil, Dr. Charles "Jay" Emerson will be teaching the
>Introduction to Meteorology course.  Jay is familiar with UNIX, and is
>registered for the Fall workshop to learn LDM-McIDAS.

OK, good.

>I will show him how to access the near real-time data before I leave.  If
>something thing more demanding needs to be done, then you should contact John

I am in contact with John to get the LDM running.  The real question is
what you want done.  I am sorry that I just don't have the time to
continue to look at your LDM and McIDAS-X setups on a regular basis.
Someone there needs to start assuming these duties.

>Maybe Jay should get in touch with you so he can access mcidas from his

The procedure is well documented on the McIDAS web pages.  I suggest that
he reads through things before asking for help:


>I can show him the steps you showed me to prepare the account.

Very good.

>As far requesting the data, last time I did, I received an email from Rose
>Spangler saying the data would be available on the SSEC server and I would
>access as anonymous, use my email as password and go to the public/incoming/

OK, so the access is by anonymous FTP.  I thought so in the first place, but
your comment about a user name and password confused me.


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