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20000803: Old OS/2 McIdas System (cont.)

>From: "E. A. Ripley" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Saskatchewan
>Keywords: 200008011914.e71JEFT24329 McIDAS-OS2 issues


>All worked well except for a message:
>    "PTDISP: No data found matching search conditions" in response to:

I pretty much expected that one.  The reason for this is that versions
7.6 (and later) had Y2K fixes to a number of routines.  The question now
is if one can specify the DAY explicitly and get things to work.

>In response to: DSINFO IMAGE RTIMAGES, I got a list of 23 images including
>antarctic, ed floaters, 15 GOES, MDR and Molleweides
>What's next?


SFCPLOT T USA 12 2000216

2000216 is the DAY for today, Thursday, August 3, 2000.  If this works,
then you should be able to use your existing McIDAS-OS2 installation to
access data from any of a number of remote ADDE servers.  All you will
have to do, however, is specify the DAY parameter explicitly in CCYYDDD
format for each command invocation.

If specifying the DAY explicitly does not work, then it most likely
means that you would have to upgrade your code, and there is not 7.6
distribution for OS/2.

You mentioned that the DSINFO worked, but did you try the IMGDISP command?
If not, you should.  You will probably have to specify the DAY for the
image to load also:


If that doesn't work, then you will not be able to look at images from
your 7.5 OS/2 installation.


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