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19991102: transfers from your ftp site

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199910261419.IAA15836 gcc/f2c Solaris x86


>Two items as I try and get to the last stages of setting up mcidasx
>1.  Tonight, when trying make mcx, it failed, as the four f2c files
>    were not present.  I transferred them over earlier and put them
>    where they were supposed to be.  The only thing I can think of 
>    is that they were lost
>    when I used pkgadd to install gcc, as I did this later.

This would surprise me, but stranger things have happened.

>    So, I ftp down
>    to ftp.unidata.ucar.edu, found them again in /unix/740/fortran/...
>    When I tried to do the 'get', I got  'permission denied.'

This is most likely due to your trying to FTP the files to a directory
in which you do not have write permission.  Check to make sure that
you can create files in your destination directory:

cd <wherever>
touch xxx
rm xxx

and then try the FTP again.

>2.  Before getting to the item above, I could not get my make command
>    to run.  Got the message  no such command.  I checked my path
>    statements in .cshrc and also .mcenv for user mcidas, and the 
>    directory where make lives was there,  /usr/ccs/bin, I think.

A 'which make' will tell you if the file is found AND if it is executable.

>    got make mcx to run by typing full path name for make.  ideas?

Your PATH enviroment variable can't be correct if you can run 'make'
by hand.  I suspect that you checked your .cshrc file, but not your
environment.  If .cshrc is correct, then it is possible that there is
an error in it before the declaration of PATH.  If that is the case,
PATH woudn't get defined (at least not correctly), and the directory
containing 'make' might be left off.


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