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19990928: McIDAS and GEMPAK

>From: Edward Hindman <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 199909281329.HAA09685 McIDAS


>I have two questions, on dealing with McIDAS-XCD and on with GEMPAK.
>First, the McIDAS question.  We have been using TeraScan to analyze 
>NOAA/AVHRR files downloaded from the NOAA Satellite Active Archives 
>(SAA).  I bought TeraScan in 1992 because we could not get McIDAS to read 
>a NOAA SAA file.  Can McIDAS-XCD now read a file from the SAA and display 
>the image(s)?

Just for clarification, McIDAS-XCD is the set of decoders for the various
data in the NOAAPORT data streams.  There are no satellite decoders
in XCD.

As far as McIDAS being able to display files from the SAA, I would need
to know more about the format of the files.  Are these AVHRR files in
level 1b format?  If so, I can tell you that one of the items on my
list of things to do is to create an ADDE server for level 1b data.  I
already have a program that can convert level 1b to McIDAS AREA, so
there may already be an interim "solution" available for your

I believe that Chiz answered your GEMPAK being able to use ADDE question.

>Second, the GEMPAK question.  At this summer's GEMPAK workshop, I was 
>impressed with the GUI's and the ability to display real-time data.  We 
>have the LDM running injesting data from the IDD.  I would like to cut 
>out the LDM to reduce the high-maintenance and use the ADDE for our 
>McIDAS installation.  However, I suspect I will not be able to use GEMPAK, 
>when we get it installed, with real-time data without the LDM.  Can the 
>GEMPAK be used with the ADDE to access real-time data?
>Thank you

Please let me know some more information about the SAA.  In particular,
a current URL for information would be helpful (save me the time of
doing a web search).

>Prof. Ward Hindman

Tom Yoksas

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