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19990325: 7.50

>From: Anthony Rockwood - MSCD Meteorology <address@hidden>
>Organization: Metropolitan State College of Denver
>Keywords: 199903252056.NAA03072 McIDAS 7.5 install


>I thought I'd upgrade the OS2 version on winfo first and make sure it
>works. Is there a binary distribution of 7.5 for Solaris/Linux ?

Whoa!  Read the release notes.  You must install 7.5 on your
ingester first, before upgrading the workstations.  There are some
things in the OS/2 7.5 menu that will not work if the server is
not at 7.5.

No, there are no binaries.  But there is support for gcc/f2c for
both Solaris and Linux so you can build it yourself.  If you want 
help, let me know.

>Yea, I keep seeing the prices fall.  I finally got word from NSF so
>hopefully some money will actually show up soon and I can get going.

Only upshot is that the longer it takes, the more you can get for
your money.


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