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19990310: McIDAS-x scheduler

>From: Anthony Rockwood - MSCD Meteorology <address@hidden>
>Organization: MSCD
>Keywords: 199903102301.QAA25452 McIDAS ROUTE PP BATCH


>Is it correct that McIDAS-X post-process batch files will run even though
>a McIDAS session is not running,

Yes, but you have to set up things so they can run.

>but that batch files run by the scheduler will not?

The scheduler will not run unless you have a McIDAS session running, so
processes to be run by the scheduler will not run without a McIDAS session.

>For example, I made a batch file to generate a surface map and
>I put an entry in the scheduler to run it each hour.  I can watch it run
>when I'm running McIDAS, but once I exit out, it doesn't.

Right.  You could write a script to do the surface plot and run it from
cron, but that would not give you anything UNLESS you saved the display
to a GIF (tm) that you then viewed later with some other tool.


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