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[LDM #ZPO-566708]: Cannot get logging to work on LDM 6.11.6


> OK, so I am confused. My default paths in registry.xml are:
> <pqact>
> <config-path>/home/ldm/etc/pqact.conf</config-path>
> <datadir-path>/home/ldm</datadir-path>

Your current registry setting will cause the current working directory of all 
pqact(1) processes to be the home directory of the LDM user.

> So, do I need to copy the GEMPAK binary executables to /home/ldm/decoders?

The error-message

     Oct 2 10:01:01 weather3 pqact[6992] ERROR: child 11484 exited with status 
1 (PIPE decoders/dcmetr -v 2 -a 500 -m 72 -s sfmetar_sa.tbl -d  
data/gempak/logs/dcmetr.log -e GEMTBL=/home/gempak/GEMPAK7/gempak/tables 

indicated that pqact(1) attempted to execute the command "decoders/dcmeter". 
The command failed because that command wasn't found relative to the current 
working directory of the pqact(1) process (which was the LDM user's home 

So, you'll either have to remove every "decoders/" prefix from the 
GEMPAK-related pqact(1) configuration-files (and ensure that the directory that 
contains the GEMPACK decoders is mentioned in the LDM user's PATH environment 
variable) *or* move the GEMPAK decoders into the "decoders/" subdirectory of 
the LDM user's home directory.

> I didn't see that in the instructions. This is what is in
> /home/ldm/decoders right now:
> ls: unparsable value for LS_COLORS environment variable
> area2png*    ldm-mcidas-2008/        nldn2md*    README         uwgrid.sh*
> batch.k*     ldm-mcidas-2008.tar.gz  pnga2area*  RELEASE_NOTES   xcd_run*
> COPYRIGHT    lgt2md*                 pngg2gini*  scourBYday*     xcdscour*
> ldmfile.sh*  mcscour.sh*             proftomd*   scourBYnumber*
> zlibg2gini*
> Gilbert
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Steve Emmerson

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