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[LDM #LTH-656578]: decoders

Hi Marty,

> Rebuild is done. I sudo from another account on titan to "make root-actions"

Since you can become 'root' via sudo, please do the following:

-- become 'root'

cd /etc

-- edit rsyslog.conf and


# Unidata LDM:
local0.debug    /root/var/logs/ldmd.log


# Unidata LDM:
local0.debug    /data/logs/ldmd.log

After this editing change is complete, the user 'ldm' needs to
run 'hupsyslog':

<as 'ldm'>

-- after /etc/rsyslog.conf has been modified


'hupsyslog' sends a HUP signal to the syslog daemon telling it
to close all open files; reread its configuration file (/etc/rsyslog.conf);
and open all files again.  The change above tells 'rsyslog' to log to
the LDM log file which is (because I created it) located in /data/logs.

After these changes have been made, the LDM can be started again:

<as 'ldm'>

ldmadmin start


I made the following changes:

<as 'ldm'>

cd ~ldm
rm -rf data logs

ln -s /data data
mkdir /data/logs
ln -s /data/logs logs

The set of soft links now in place are:

~ldm/var/logs   -> ~ldm/logs -> /data/logs
~ldm/var/queues -> ~ldm/data -> /data
~ldm/var/data   -> ~ldm/data -> /data

I expect that when the LDM is restarted that you will start seeing
directories being created under /data.


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