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[LDM #EZK-400759]: Problem inserting int ldm prod queue - reg.


> Thanks for the quick response. Still I do not see the right number
> of products inserted into ldm queue. I have attached 4 files - 3 log
> files generated by 3 instances of insert_prod_2_ldm processs. Fourth
> file is the output of pqmon, pqcat and ldmadmin config commands
> executed on the test system.
> From the 3 clnt*.log files, the number of total products is 1096. If
> we exclude duplicates (as they are not inserted into the queue), the
> count will be 1064. This is the count that matches with the "Value in
> queue" reported by pqcat command. But the products tallied is just
> 249. Not sure what happened to rest of the products but you see them
> in the log files as inserted into the queue. Also in the log, you will
> see status=[0] which is the value returned by pq_insert routine. This
> routine works as expected as it detects duplicates and reported in the
> log.

The most damming evidence is the output from pqcat(1):

address@hidden ~]$ pqcat -l- -s -q /usr/local/ldm/data/ldm.pq
Mar 17 17:09:14 pqcat NOTE: Starting Up (17393)
Mar 17 17:09:14 pqcat ERROR: pqcat queueSanityCheck: Product count doesn't match
Mar 17 17:09:14 pqcat ERROR: products tallied: 249   Value in queue: 1064
Mar 17 17:09:14 pqcat NOTE: Exiting
Mar 17 17:09:14 pqcat NOTE: Number of products 249

The above indicates that the number of products in the queue (1064) is greater 
than the number of products that can be extracted from the queue via the 
pq_sequence(3) function (249). Because this should be impossible, either the 
pq(3) library is misbehaving, or some assumption is incorrect. Due to the large 
difference in the numbers (1064 vs. 249) and the extensive use of the LDM, it 
seems unlikely that the pq(3) library is misbehaving -- so we should check our 

Did the pqcat(1) command above actually produce the above output?

Was anything else accessing the queue at the time of the above pqcat(1) command?

> Kindly let me know if you need any other information.
> Thanks,
> Sathya.
> 301.741.3489

Steve Emmerson

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