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[Support #WSU-931209]: LDM 6.9.7 registry build error


> Likely that will be okay . . . but now that we seem to have LDM6.9
> running okay, maybe we don't need to worry about 6.8?  Thanks for
> getting 6.9 working; David and I were in meetings most of the afternoon
> and I see that the data is flowing . . .

The only reason data is flowing is because Tom and I noticed that LDM 6.9 
wasn't working and switched back to LDM 6.8. The two installations access the 
product-queues through incompatible pq(3) libraries: a library created by one 
installation can't be accessed by the other. Consequently, one can't switch 
between the two installations without recreating the product-queue. Also, some 
of the utilities in the LDM 6.8 bin/ directory have the wrong bit-mode, which 
means that the LDM 6.8 installation is inconsistent and will likely fail 
sometime soon.

> --Kevin

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: WSU-931209
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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