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[LDM #ENQ-831113]: Upstream LDM host monitoring


> I spoke with you all during the Atlanta AMS Conference when we demo'ed
> AWIPSII with an IDD LDM data feed - it went very well and I thank you
> all again for your support there. I was unsure where else to ask this,
> and the online documentation doesn't really deal with upstream LDM hosts
> since most users will only be concerned about ensuring either a
> connection (ldmping) or a feed (notifyme, ldmadmin watch) which is why I
> am asking you guys the following.

> With the inclusion of the UniData LDM software in AWIPS for acquisition
> and routing of the SBN feed, I was wondering if you knew of any upstream
> LDM host monitoring command/syntax that would be useful for the WFO/RFC
> system administrators. The way we have it setup, is we have a server
> named CPSBN1 which runs the LDM and NOAAport receiver software connected
> to a DVB-S with full stream. Other than netstat to show the connections
> from the downstream LDM client (a server we name PX2), are there any
> other ways to quickly and succinctly show the channels/feeds which are
> active on the upstream LDM host, etc....

We use the rtstats(1) program that comes with the LDM package to monitor our 
LDM network.  An example of what can be done is 
<http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idd/rtstats/>.  Information on the 
rtstats(1) program can be obtained via the command "man rtstats" as the LDM 

Let me know if you need something else or more information.

Steve Emmerson

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