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[LDM #TIY-968074]: pqact question


> In a pqact EXEC statement which calls a script, how can I capture the size
> of the data file which triggers the pqact statement and pass that data file
> size to the script that is called?
> For example, I have a pqact entry something like this:
> EXP        ^(...*)               EXEC      perl
> /usr/local/ldm/util/script.pl \1
> "\1" seems to hand the name of the data file to script.pl.  What other
> arguments are available?  How do I pass the data file size?

There's no way to do what you want with an EXEC action.  The PIPE action does 
have an (undocumented) "-metadata" option that passes binary metadata 
information to its decoder, but nothing like that is available to the EXEC 

One workaround would be to have a "FILE -close" action just before the EXEC 
action that filed the same data-product.  The name of the file could be passed 
to the EXEC action, which could take the size of the file.

> Thanks,
> Michael Johnson
> National Weather Service

Steve Emmerson

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