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[LDM #TSS-152804]: slow pqing process


> Over the weekend we experienced about a 20 to 30 minute slowdown of a
> pqing process on one of our RHEL 4 machines. This machine receives
> several GB of data per day through the pqing process, 3 other LDM
> systems feed from that LDM and the pqact running directs data to
> decoders. Once I was called about the noticed slowdown the issue had
> already resolved itself and the backlogged queue of products to be
> inserted was clearing. I took a look at the ldmd.log file but nothing
> appeared unusual and our system administrators took a look at all
> available system logs but nothing jumped out. Do you have any
> recommendations for us as we try to troubleshoot this slowdown? It has
> occurred one other time in the last several months but just like this
> time the problem was resolved before further investigation could occur.

Where was the slowdown, exactly?  Put another way, where was the
buildup occurring?  Before the pqing(1) process?  After it but before
the upstream LDM processes?  In the product-queue of the 3 downstream

> Thanks,
> Justin Cooke

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: TSS-152804
Department: Support LDM
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