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[LDM #QTX-639939]: GPS bufr format data

Hi Elmer,

> We are trying to get the bufr format GPS data from the NOAAPORT data
> stream.  Using the command:

> notifyme -vxl- -f HDS -p ISXT40 -h host IPaddress) -o 1000000

> returns:
> Nov 07 12:45:32 notifyme[1676] NOTE: Starting Up:
> 20081026225852.628 TS_ENDT {{HDS,  "ISXT40"}}
> Nov 07 12:45:32 notifyme[1676] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class:
> 20081026225852.628 TS_ENDT {{HDS,  "ISXT40"}}
> Nov 07 12:45:32 DEBUG: NOTIFYME( returns OK
> Nov 07 12:45:32 notifyme[1676] NOTE: NOTIFYME( OK
> Nov 07 12:45:36 notifyme[1676] INFO:
> fce931571908265e9f6dc92a9df4db46     8448 20081107105059.403     HDS
> 114563645  ISXT40 KBOU 070945


- is the IP address you are using the one for your local LDM host, or
  is it the IP address for an upstream host?

Hopefully, it is the IP address of your local LDM host so you are testing
to see if you are receiving the data.

> I have seen another request on this subject where it was said the
> pqact.conf entry should be:

> HDS   ^(ISTX40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)
> FILE data/bufr/\1_\2_(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)\3.\4\5

This pattern does not match the 'notifyme' listing that you included.  The
difference is 'notifyme' specified the ISXT products, and your pattern
will match products that have ISTX40 products (the X and T are transposed).

One of the best ways to test the pattern used in a pattern action file
is to cut and paste the regular expression directly from the pattern action
file entry and use it in a notifyme command:

notifyme -vxl- -f HDS -o 100000 -p "^(ISTX40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)"

If you do this, you will see no results for this pattern, but plenty of
results if you transpose the X and T.

So, the pattern would match if you changed ISTX40 to ISXT40 _assuming_
that the pattern is properly formatted.  Certain whitespace in pattern-action
files must be tabs.  In this case, the tabs are:

- between HDS and ^(ISTX40)
- before FILE
- between FILE and data/bufr/...

you can check your pattern-action file entry using ldmadmin:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
ldmadmin pqactcheck                <- assumes the pattern action file to check 
is ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf
ldmadmin pqactcheck etc/your_pattern_action_file <- a different pattern action 

> but this gets no results,

I would assume that no products would get FILEed because of the typo in the
pattern regular expression.

> so I am assuming that my problem is in the
> request entry in the ldmd.conf file, which I have as:
> request HRS "^ISXT(*)" (host IP address).

> Any idea whats wrong?  Thanks in advance for the help.

I believe that the problem is a simple one of transposed X and T in the
HDS line of your pattern-action filepattern.


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