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[LDM #UEA-117531]: LDM data feed type recycle request


> The public is the intended audience.  Currently the NWSTG distributes
> the radar data via multicast.  Because of the special software required
> to get these data, we had only a hand full of customers.  At least one
> commercial customer, WSI, get these data from us and in turn transmit
> these data to over 150 universities via LDM (IDD)as feed type 15.  I
> assume the other commercial customers do the same.
> We are migrating from multicast to LDM as the replacement transmission
> method.  We produce about a million products per day (17 GB).   With our
> announcement earlier this year of the switch to LDM, interest to get
> these data directly from the NWSTG had increased.  We are bringing on
> additional FAA radars on line soon with a much increased volume.
> We first use the existing FT15 but WSI (and maybe others) feels that
> this might interfere with their customer base, since we will be offering
> these products to many more customers.  They will be requesting the same
> feed type from 2 different sources and the products might be different.
> It seemed that no matter what existing feed type we use, we will be
> interfere with some one else.

OK.  We'll rename the AFOS feedtype to NWSTG.  We can't guarantee, however,
that that bit isn't being used (and won't be used) by anyone else.

The change (printing "NWSTG" instead of "AFOS") will be in the next
release of the LDM.  In the meantime, you can just use "AFOS".

Steve Emmerson

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