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[Support #TVU-725269]: Is there any output similar to what pqbinstats created?


> Thanks for the help on the pqact.conf entry for the rtstats (not sure
> why I didn't think about a regular expression).  Overall the reason for
> the recent queries is I have an awk script that would go through and
> total the product count and bytes per product for a day and then I can
> see how data volume is changing.  I haven't executed the awk script in
> quite some time and it was created back when pqbinstats was still around.

It should be relatively easy to modify the script to work with the
rtstats(1) data-products.

> My question:  While looking for the answer to the rtstats query on the
> Unidata website, I found the IDD stats/graphs pages on the Unidata site
> and noted there are a number of stats from .noaa.gov.  Is NOAA (i.e.
> NWS) intentionally sending the stats to Unidata for some reason, or is
> it perhaps by accident because they uncommented the entry in the
> ldmd.conf file?

We work with NWS sites quite a bit and the documentation on the LDM 
is online, easily accessible, and describes the customization process
and rtstats(1) in detail, so I guess I'd be surprised if
the reporting is by accident.  I can't say for certain, however.

Is it important?

> Thanks,
> Gregg

Steve Emmerson

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