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[LDM #XDI-772585]: Problems hanging our server possibly related to LDM?


> Our problems continue with LDM and our server hanging/ Today the
> load reached 6.o and ssh logins weren't working. ldm services had the
> top 3 in the "TOP" command list.

What was the CPU usage of the LDM processes?

> We rebooted the machine. For odd
> reasons, ldm is also not auto restarting when the machine comes up - I
> had to delete the ldmd.pid file and the queue before I could restart.

That makes sense.  If the file "ldmd.pid" exists, then another LDM
is likely running.  An "ldmadmin clean" removes this file.

> The last item in the ldmd.log file before the problem was:
> Oct 22 22:17:17 ingest usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil[20200] WARN: Future
> product from "usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil".  Fix local or ingest clock.
> 73413 20071022221801.297   FNMOC 000
> US058GMET-GR1mdl.0058_0240_00000F0OF2007102218_0105_000100-000000wnd_ucmp

Either your clock is slow or the clock on usgodae3 is fast, or both.
In any case, they should be fixed.

> Any ideas how ldm could get so busy? The problem occurred at ~1645 this
> afternoon. When this problem occurs it always seem to be at :45. . .

The only thing I can think of is that a bunch of data arrives at that
time.  Is a bunch of data being created on usgodae3 at that time?

> Greg
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Steve Emmerson

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