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[LDM #LPP-396410]: Setting of 'hostname' in ldmadmin-pl.conf

Hi Niles,

> In ldmadmin-pl.conf, we usually set the hostname as follows :
> # The fully-qualified domain-name of the computer system.  If you have to set
> # this manually, then do the following:
> #     1) Replace "your.hostname.here" in the following commented-out statement
> #        with the fully-qualified domain-name of the computer system;
> #     2) Uncomment-out the same line by removing the leading hash (#) 
> character;
> #        and
> #     3) Comment-out the "chop" line by inserting a leading hash (#) 
> character.
> #
> # chop($hostname = `uname -n`);
> $hostname = "whatever.rap.ucar.edu";
> We run on linux, typically redhat or debian.
> My question is - do we have to set this manually?

No, not if your machine is setup to be identified with a fully-qualified 
The default in ldmadmin-pl.conf is, in fact, to set $hostname to the value of
`uname -n`.  A check is made later to see if this is, in fact, a fully qualified
name (i.e., rosebud.rap.ucar.edu, not rosebud).

> Up to now
> we have been and it has not been an issue, but recently an issue with it
> developed and it may be nice to set the hostname automatically.

> What are your thoughts?

Your system administrator(s) should setup your machines to have fully qualified
hostnames.  If they are, then you do not have to edit ldmadmin-pl.conf to set
a name by hand.


No worries.


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