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[LDM #IRP-426248]: More problems with dropping files.


> Hi Steve, I wanted to bring you up to speed on some weirdness I'm seeing
> on our LDM servers.  LDM1 is still dropping files, however, I've
> verified that while LDM1 is dropping files, it's also able to relay some
> of those files onto my test servers.  IE. I had 56 missing files on LDM1
> yesterday, but 52 missing on the 2 test servers.  I verified the files
> WERE missing on lDM1 and NOT missing on the 2 test servers.
> This means LDM1 is actually receiving some files, but pqact isn't
> storing them locally.  Any ideas?

Some possibilities:

The "pqact" configuration-file entries don't catch
all possible products.

The "pqact" process can't keep up with the rate at which products
arrive.  In this case I would expect to see log messages from "pqact"
that contain the string "Processed oldest product in queue".

A "pqact" configuration-file is shared by more than one "pqact"
process.  See 

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: IRP-426248
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