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[LDM #SVU-966060]: LDM - LDM hangs up.


> I restarted syslogd, but it is still writing to /var/log/messages.

If a restarted syslogd(8) isn't writing LDM log message to the LDM log file, 
then something is still wrong with its configuration.  What are the outputs 
from the following commands:

    grep local /etc/syslog
    ls -l $HOME/ldm-6.4.6/bin/hupsyslog

> [Re: LDM server listening on wrong port]
> Okay, I must have missed that step during the installation. How/what do I do 
> to
> fix it?

Because I don't know the state of your LDM installation, I'll give you the 
commands to build, install, and switch to the LDM system from scratch.  
Assuming you're running LDM 6.3.0, do something like the following as the LDM 

# Rebuild LDM 6.4.6
cd $HOME/ldm-6.4.6/src
make >make.log 2>&1 &&
make install >install.log 2>&1 &&
su root -c 'make install_setuids' &&
echo OK
make clean
# Switch to LDM 6.4.6
ldmadmin stop
ldmadmin delqueue
rm runtime
ln -s ldm-6.4.6 runtime
ldmadmin mkqueue -f
ldmadmin start

> address@hidden ~]$ ls -l $HOME/ldm-6.4.6/bin/rpc.ldmd
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 ldm users 189402 Oct 23 19:35 
> /usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.4.6/bin/rpc.ldmd

The LDM program-file must be owned by root and setuid.

> Curiously, I'm running on ldm-6.3.0 right now, but the Env var $HOME is 
> talking
> to ldm-6.4.6..

I'm afraid that I don't know what it means for an environment variable to be 
talking to ldm-6.4.6.

Steve Emmerson

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