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Re: 20041011: rpc.ldmd signal 11s


Here's the stack trace;

# gdb ~ldm/bin/rpc.ldmd core.22648
GNU gdb Red Hat Linux (6.1post-1.20040607.17rh)
Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are
welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for details.
This GDB was configured as "i386-redhat-linux-gnu"...Using host libthread_db
library "/lib/tls/libthread_db.so.1".

Core was generated by `rpc.ldmd -m 21600 -t 30 -q /usr/local/ldm/pq/ldm.pq
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
Reading symbols from /lib/tls/libm.so.6...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/tls/libm.so.6
Reading symbols from /lib/tls/libc.so.6...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/tls/libc.so.6
Reading symbols from /lib/ld-linux.so.2...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/ld-linux.so.2
Reading symbols from /lib/libnss_files.so.2...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/libnss_files.so.2
Reading symbols from /lib/libnss_nis.so.2...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/libnss_nis.so.2
Reading symbols from /lib/libnsl.so.1...done.
Loaded symbols for /lib/libnsl.so.1
#0  0x0804a09f in ?? ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x0804a09f in ?? ()
#1  0x08057fc5 in one_svc_run (xp_sock=4, inactive_timeo=60, donep=0x8064e30)
at one_svc_run.c:78
#2  0x0804f2fa in run_service (socket=4, inactiveTimeout=60, done=0x8064e30,
    upName=0x80798f8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu", upAddr=0xbfffb060, upId=9580,
    pqPathname=0xbfffcad1 "/usr/local/ldm/pq/ldm.pq", expect=0x8079b98,
    last_arrival=0xbfffb0c8) at requester6.c:196
#3  0x0804f87f in req6_new (upName=0x80798f8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu",
    pqPath=0xbfffcad1 "/usr/local/ldm/pq/ldm.pq", done=0x8064e30,
    pqPathname=0xbfffcad1 "/usr/local/ldm/pq/ldm.pq", pq=0x806f120,
    last_arrival=0xbfffb0c8) at requester6.c:528
#4  0x0804b2c1 in prog_requester (source=0x80798f8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu",
    maxHereisSize=4294967295) at acl.c:706
#5  0x0804b58d in run_requester (source=0x80798f8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu",
    maxHereisSize=4294967295) at acl.c:828
#6  0x0804b5fd in new_requester (source=0x8077ac8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu",
    maxHereisSize=4294967295) at acl.c:865
#7  0x0804b62d in requester_add (source=0x8077ac8 "ldm.meteo.psu.edu",
    maxHereisSize=4294967295) at acl.c:886
#8  0x0804b737 in invert_request_acl () at acl.c:943
#9  0x08052715 in read_conf (conf_path=0x0) at conf.y:201
#10 0x0804eb7c in main (ac=8, av=0xbfffb264) at ldmd.c:947
(gdb) quit


On Oct 11, 10:40am, Steve Emmerson wrote:
> Subject: 20041011: rpc.ldmd signal 11s

> Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 12:01:55 -0400 (EDT) (10:01 MDT)
> From: "Arthur A. Person" <address@hidden>
> To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
> Subject: Re: 20040921 rpc.ldmd signal 11s
> ...
> Would you please send me a stack trace of the core-file.
> Regards,
> Steve Emmerson

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