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[ldmMcidas #HVN-765439]: netcdf tmp files

Hi Paul,

re: if that directory has a valid SCHEMA file?

> The MDX files are in that directory but the schema files were only in
> /home/mcidas/workdata

The ldm-mcidas decoders that use McIDAS schema are not smart enough
to be able to find a file in a different directory than the one
in which they are told to create their output.  Even though there
are MDXX files in /home/data/mcidas, I will be that they are either
zero-length or corrupted somehow.

> I copied the WPR6 and the WPRO files into the /home/data/mcidas directory.
> Those tmp files are still be created.

The ldm-mcidas AND McIDAS decoders need the file SCHEMA, not the individual
schema template files (e.g., DCWPRO, WPR6, etc.).  Copying the template files
to the output directory will have no effect (as you have found out).

> And those tmp files are being created in /home/ldm/

Yes, the .tmp_netcdf files will be created in whatever directory
is the current working directory when the decoders is run.  This
is typically ~ldm.

> BTW in the /home/data/mcidas directory is a very large (1.8GB) file called
> DD123240.XCD ANd DD123250.XCD. I assume those are the data files for the
> current day?

Yes, the .XCD files contain all textual observations, watches, warnings,
etc. for a single day.  These files have really grown over the years
due to the increased amount of textual products being broadcast in
NOAAPort and relayed in LDM/IDD datastreams.

> Just making sure we are not creating too large a file.

You aren't, but this brings up a good point: at some point the size of
a daily text file (*.XCD) will exceed 2GB, so they may not be creatable
(word?) on 32-bit systems.


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