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[ldmMcidas #BLI-601127]: Problem with LDM-McIDAS man pages

Hi Samuel,

> For the past several days I've been trying to access 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/man-cgi?proftomd+1
> This is a link from 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/mcidas/mcidd/ldm-mcidas-man.html
> Unfortunately, when I try to get information for the proftomd decoder, I get 
> the following:
> NOTE: click here<http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/man-cgi?proftomd> if you 
> get an empty page.
> ________________________________
> No manual entry for 1.
> No manual entry for proftomd.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about that.  The online man pages were turned off because the CGI-bin 
script that
provided the service was a known security hole.

If you have already downloaded the ldm-mcidas package, you already have the man 
pages for
the decoders.  All you have to do is adjust your MANPATH to include the 
'man' directory in your MANPATH environment variable.


-- assume that you have downloaded and installed the ldm-mcidas package in the
   ~ldm/ldm-mcidas directory and that the runtime link has been created for
   the installation as follows:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ldm-mcidas
ln -s ldm-mcidas-2004 runtime
ln -s runtime/* .

export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/home/ldm/ldm-mcidas/man

I made the links referred to above in the ~ldm/ldm-mcidas directory on 
and updated the MANPATH definition in ~ldm/.bash_profile.  You should now be
able to get the MAN page listing for all ldm-mcidas decoders like:

<after making .bash_profile settings active>

man proftomd

Also, if you run any of the ldm-mcidas decoders with no arguments, they will
give you an abbreviated help listing.


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