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[ldmMcidas #XGX-360555]: decoding FNEXRAD 1 km N0R composite images

Hi Elmer,

> Yessir ... did figure out that the directory structure is needed there
> and decoded and viewed an image.

Just to be clear: the directory structure I proposed is not needed; it is

> Now it seems like I've been asking for
> the wrong data.  What this looks like is a single station, what is
> wanted is an overall national view, in base reflectance (BREF).

The product you are decoding _is_ a national composite of NEXRAD Level III
base reflectivity at the lowest radar tilt.  The pngg2gini outout you sent

 Aug 09 11:59:12 pngg2gini[30304]: Starting Up
in GiniFileName
band: N0R
res: 1km
in ReplaceToken
in ReplaceToken
in ReplaceToken
in ReplaceToken
Aug 09 11:59:12 pngg2gini[30304]: output file pathname: AREA8000
Aug 09 11:59:12 pngg2gini[30304]: unPNG:: 2524522 14208533 5.6282
Aug 09 11:59:12 pngg2gini[30304]: Exiting

demonstrates this since only the 1 km N0R composite will uncompress
to a size of 14 MB.

> Would
> this be the radar_mosaic_national
> !grib/unidata/UPC_1/#255/200708101332/F000/N0R/sfc! 000000 ?

That product is a national composite sent out as a GRIB message.

> If it is, what decoder is used for that?

It is not.  You already are already ingesting and apparently processing
the correct product.


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