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20030505: ldm-mcidas, proftomd and RH8

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UGa
>Keywords: 200305051731.h45HVC7U019978 ldm-mcidas Redhat 7.0 Linux proftomd

Hi Tom,

>We have upgraded cacimbo.ggy.uga.edu to RedHat 8 this past weekend.
>The version we had (7.0) was no longer supported by our campus computer
>support and we couldn't build the most recent version of ldm (5.2.1) that
>works with our NOAAport.

I believe that Planetary Data has upgraded their offerings to support
use of the newest LDM, 6.0.10.  If I were you, I would contact them
for more information.

>I had some difficulty building the ldm. The configure wanted to use c89
>but the build would only work with cc. I did this manually for a few files,
>but I'm not sure how to automate that process. Anyway, it is working.

The way you change which compiler to use is through the definition of
the Unix environment variable CC.  This must be done _before_ you run
configure, so if you ran configure without specifying CC you have to
do a 'make distclean' first.

To specify the use of 'cc' as the C compiler, do the following:

setenv CC cc

Bourne/Korn shells:
export CC=cc

(This assumes that 'cc' is in your PATH).  After setting CC, rerun
configure and make:

<login as the user running the LDM>
setenv CC cc
cd ldm-6.0.10/src
make install
sudo make install_setuids

>I ran into some problems with proftomd hanging. I saw Gilbert had a
>problem with this and RedHat 8, but I never saw if it was was resolved.

The problem was, in fact resolved in the v2002b distribution of

>I decided I need to build the new version of ldm-mcidas anyway.

You could use the binary distriution I already bulit for RedHat 8.0:

cd ~ldm
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> anonymous
  <pass> address@hidden
  cd pub/binary/linux8_2.4-i686
  get ldm-mcidas-2002b.tar.Z
zcat ldm-mcidas-2002b.tar.Z | tar xvf -

Then copy the v2002b executables that you use to the directory you run
decoders from (which, of course, must be included in the PATH of the
user running the LDM).

>I ran into some problems with the build... please see below and let me
>know what you would recommend. I'm going to shutdown the ldm
>until I hear back on this and the proftomd business. Thanks!

If you can't use the binary distribution for some reason (e.g., you
always build from source to be confident that the binaries do
not have trojan horses, etc.), then you can build from source.  You
may have to set one or more Unix environment variables first, however,
so that the linker can find necessary libraries.

>making `all' in directory /usr/local/ldm/ldm-mcidas-2002b/src/decode
>make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/ldm/ldm-mcidas-2002b/src/decode'
>+ c89 -O cdftomd.o -L/usr/local/ldm/lib -lldm 
>-L/usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so.6.2 ../port/misc/libudport.a 
>-L/usr/local/ldm/netcdf-3.5-beta6/lib/libnetcdf -L../libpng -lpng 
>-L../zlib -lz -lm -o cdftomd
>cdftomd.o: In function `main':
>cdftomd.o(.text+0x1d2): undefined reference to `ncopen'
>cdftomd.o(.text+0x20d): undefined reference to `ncdimid'
>cdftomd.o(.text+0x224): undefined reference to `ncdiminq'

In looking through the output you sent, it seems that you need to
define at least two Unix environment variables: CPP_NETCDF and
LD_NETCDF.  Since the netCDF is included in the McIDAS distribution,
you can use it for the build.  For instance, if you installed McIDAS in
/home/mcidas, you would use the following definitions of CPP_NETCDF and

C-shell syntax:

setenv CPP_NETCDF -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2002/netcdf/libsrc
setenv LD_NETCDF '-L/home/mcidas/mcidas2002/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf'

Since these environment variables must be defined before 'configure'
is run, you will have to do a 'make distclean' after defining the
environment variables and then rerun 'configure'.

Please let me know if you continue to run into problems if you decide
to build the most recent ldm-mcidas distribution from source.


>From address@hidden Tue May  6 19:28:58 2003


Thanks. I looked for a binary distribution but didn't
see it. Obviously, I didn't look carefully enough.
I'll give it a try tomorrow.

I thought I had those environment variables set correctly.
That was the first thing I checked. Maybe I had a typo
in there.

Thanks for the heads-up on PDI and LDM 6.


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