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20030314: NLDN ldm-mcidas decoders and McIDAS-XCD setup at US F (cont.)

>From: "Happel, Shelly" <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200301091811.h09IBGt26938 ldm-mcidas nldn2md

Hi Shelly,

>Thanks for your thoughtful and helpful response. Yes, if you could take a
>look at the system, that would be VERY helpful. I have some unix support on
>campus - but everyone here has told me that I'm on my own with mcidas/ldm.
>It's such specialized software that none of the folks have any patience for

I got onto metlab this afternoon and did several things:

o upgrade your LDM to the latest release candidate, LDM-6.0.2
o upgraded your ldm-mcidas decoders to v2002b
o upgraded your McIDAS installation to v2002b
o after searching for a LONG time, I found a mistake in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf.
  This error was preventing the McIDAS-XCD stuff from working.  All
  seems to be working well now.
o changed some of the DATALOCs in the 'mcidas' environment so you will
  point at your own ADDE server for POINT source data (this includes
  NLDN lightning, surface, upperair, etc.), RTIMAGE and CIMSS images
  (since you are now ingesting them correctly), and RTWXTEXT data
  (weather text).
o verified that your system is correctly setup to scour data produced
  by the XCD and ldm-mcidas decoders (NLDN decoding is done by
  the ldm-mcidas decoder, nldn2md)

I was successful in plotting lightning flash data from the files being
produced on your machine, so you should be good to go for Arlene's

>I would like to have it properly running for arlene. I know she's ready to
>axe me over this stuff

I really doubt that Arlene would axe you...

>and the truth is I'm a GEOGRAPHER by training (two
>degrees), nary a computer course in my past - so I really STRUGGLE with

All is well :-)

>I have read extensively over what you wrote before and in this email and
>although it provides me with some insight - I still am rather lost. It's a
>slow unfolding of understanding for me (like glacially slowwwww). 

Well, the mistake in pqact.conf took me over two hours to recognize,
and I _should_ know what is going on.  It was simply a bad pattern
for data to be sent to XCD decoders (a ".*" instead of .*).

>Thanks in advance and if you need password info let me know.

Nope, I already had it.



>From address@hidden Sat Mar 15 06:19:36 2003
>Subject: RE: 20030314: NLDN ldm-mcidas decoders and McIDAS-XCD setup at US F 

I really can't thank you enough!! You are the bestest in the westest!! I'm
sorry it took so much of your time. It would have taken me two MONTHS I'm
certain. Now I can sleep easier! Whew! Muchos muchos MUCHOS gracias!!


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