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20010620: Problems at UPRM (fwd)

>From:  Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Puerto Rico
>Keywords:  200106202036.f5KKab115440 McIDAS


A couple of weeks ago you contacted Jeff Weber and Anne Wilson of Unidata
for some help in getting your LDM back up and running:

>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 19:40:29 -0400 (AST)
>> From: Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>> To: Jeff Weber <address@hidden>
>> Subject: Problems at UPRM
>> Hi,
>>   A couple of weeks ago you helped me find a site from where to receive an
>> LDM feed from.  I'm currently downloading from pluto.met.fsu.edu, but I
>> seem to have a local problem.
>>   As I had explained before, we used to have an SGI here which had LDM set
>> up a couple of years ago(probably more than 3 years ago).  Then, we had a
>> Linux machine which shared the information with that one.  The hard drive
>> on the SGI machine which had the LDM/Mcidas info crashed just a couple of
>> weeks after the Linux machine had some disk problemas and was reformatted.
>> Bottom line is, I lost all the previous configuration files.  I had to
>> install mcidas/ldm from scratch on the Linux machine.
>>   Mcidas seems to work fine, except that it has no images to display.  I
>> then remembered that the data was being downloaded to the SGI machine
>> using LDM, and then it was being sent via ADDE to the Linux box.  I
>> downloaded the LDM package, compiled and configured it.  My problem now is
>> that I'm downloading the data, but I don't know what to do next.  I think
>> my problem is with the decoders and with making the information availiable
>> to Mcidas.  I installed some decoders and got a sample pqact.conf file.
>> I have a lot of data on /var/data/ldm but I'm not sure what I'm supposed
>> to do with it.  I'm almost sure it's not being decoded, when I run
>> ldmadmin scour manually I get a bunch of errors, something about some
>> folders not being found(which makes me believe they're not there because
>> I'm not successfully decoding anything).  I've searched the support emails
>> but I've found nothing relevant.  Is there some way to verify if I'm
>> decoding the data?  If I am, what do I have to do in order to make
>> this information availiable to the Mcidas program?  Am I making any sense?
>>    Thank you for your time,
>> Luis Munoz
>> System Administrator
>> Caribbean Climate Center @ UPRM

>>From: anne <address@hidden>
>>Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 23:04:14 -0600
>>To: Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>>CC: address@hidden, address@hidden
>>Subject: Re: Problems at UPRM (fwd)

>>Unidata Mcidas Account wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Yes, I think you understood perfectly.  The pqcat command gives me a
>> HUGE list of products.  After everything's set up, I have to check which
>> products I really need and what's not really needed.  After a couple of
>> minutes I stopped it and I had 12,000+ products.  Definitely not good.  I
>> also got the "age" field from the pqmon command, it's 5972.  I tried
>> several different pqact.conf files, one was the original one that came
>> with the distribution, and the other one was the one that I got off the
>> Unidata webpage for ldm-mcidas.  I guess that's what's giving me so much
>> trouble then, I need a custom pqact.conf file that will decode just the
>> products I need and store them somewhere.  I'm aware this is a very
>> site-dependent configuration, where can I read on how to write one?  While
>> I'm asking about reference pages, where can I read on what specific
>> products I can download and their contents?
>>    Both my scour.conf and my pqact.conf files are just as they came with
>> the distribution.  I did understand about the scour.conf, but I thought I
>> had to change that when I was successfully decoding.  Now I understand
>> that I can't use a generic pcact.conf file, which is probably the root of
>> the whole problem.   The last thing I think can help you is my request
>> line:
>> request UNIDATA ".*" pluto.met.fsu.edu
>>    Is it too much?  Or is it too much because I'm not decoding it right?
>> Let it also be noted that I'm not 100% sure everything's installed right,
>> although it seems to be.  Sorry if I'm making you go through a lot of
>> trouble for simple solutions, but it's a lot of information to take at
>> once(ldm, mcidas, products, decoders, scour, etc).  Thank you for your
>> time.  I appreciate your help, that last email was very helpful.
>> Luis Munoz
>> System Administrator
>> Caribbean Climate Center @ UPRM

Anne sent you along some suggestions about checking out your LDM setup.
I am now following-up to see if your McIDAS installation is still having
problems displaying imagery.  This appeared to be related to you not
decoding the images, or possibly even not getting them.

Have your LDM problems been resolved?  If so, have you been successful in
getting the decoding of the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream (ldm MCIDAS feed
type) imagery working?  If not, how can I help?

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