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20000918: McIDAS images via LDM; ldm-mcidas pnga2area decoder (cont.)

>From: Dave Dempsey <address@hidden>
>Organization: SFSU
>Keywords: 200009181632.e8IGWHb04705 ldm-mcidas PNG pnga2area


>Do I detect a hint of annoyance there?

No, not at all.  I was trying to indicate that I had been paying careful
attention to who had downloaded the ldm-mcidas distribution and who
had not.  Since I saw that you had downloaded it, I left you off my
list for personal contact figuring that you either had already done
the preparations or were ready to.

>Can I blame you?

I was not annoyed, really.

>I stayed more or less on top of all the warnings and emails exchanged
>about the change in MCIDAS encoding, downloaded the new ldm-mcidas
>decoders release, and attempted to install it, particularly pnga2area.
>The installation failed, I think because it was looking for some
>(library?) files that are part of MCIDAS.

In reviewing my download logs, I see that you grabbed the source
distribution.  Is there a reason that you did not grab one of the
binary distributions that I made available?  I think I remember that
your LDM is running on a Sun SPARC system, and I made binaries
available for the 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8 releases of Solaris SPARC.

>Since we don't use MCIDAS, I
>didn't have those files installed and couldn't complete the


>Also, since we don't use the lwtoa3 decoder for the
>satellite images, and the satellite images are the only thing we use
>from the MCIDAS feed,

Satellite images are the only things left in the Unidata-Wisconsin
(MCIDAS feed type for the LDM) datastream.  All of the other data was
removed in July of 1999.

>I eventually concluded (incorrectly, obviously),
>that we probably wouldn't need the pnga2area decoder, either, and that
>I could let the change slide by.

Oops :-)

>Could you confirm that I have to install MCIDAS to install the
>ldm-mcidas decoders (in particular, pnga2area)?

Only if you need to build the decoders.  What OS is your LDM running on?

>If that wasn't the problem, I'll try installing ldm-mcidas again and
>report the details of the problem I was having.

That was the problem, but I feel certain that we should have a binary
that will work for you.


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