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20000914: ldm-mcidas PNG decoder installation at Plymouth State

>From: Jim Koermer <address@hidden>
>Organization: Plymouth State
>Keywords: 200009121453.e8CErlb21144 ldm-mcidas PNG pnga2area


I just wanted to touch base to see if you have been successful in getting
the ldm-mcidas PNG image decoder working on your LDM machine.  If not,
how can I help?


>From address@hidden Thu Sep 14 11:34:39 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000914: ldm-mcidas PNG decoder installation at Plymouth State


I haven't been too successful, yet. I checked through everything that
you suggested, but I didn't seem to be doing any better even with the
-xv option. I thought maybe the problem was the binaries, so I
downloaded the source and started the build. However, I forgot that I
don't have f77 on that machine. I used to use another one (now deceased)
for any FORTRAN compilation work.

My alternative was to move that ingest over to one of my BSD machines.
We downloaded source and was able to compile, but I won't be able to do
any testing until after 4PM today because of class. I'll let you know
how it turns out.


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