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20000912: contact for Geography Dept. LDM/IDD activities

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200009121406.e8CE6Qb19774 LDM ldm-mcidas


Thanks for responding.

>Actually, the new contact person is Mace Bentley.

Do you know if Mace was formerly at Western Kentucky?  Our records show
that the LDM contact at WKU was a Mace Bentley!

>Unfortunately, due to a
>lack of funds in the department, right now all they are getting are DiFAX
>data, and surfing the web for everything else.

Their LDM is active AND is receiving pretty much everything.  I verified
this with a notifyme to taiga:

notifyme -vxl- -o 3600 -h taiga.geog.niu.edu

I see lots of data streaming in including MCIDAS imagery.  Whether or
not the use the stuff, we can't tell from here.

>No money for a sysadmin
>right now. They just got a new computer network, and they re using Windows
>NT for all their stuff.


>For McIDAS images, radar, text data, etc., they
>use my machine or what's on the web.

Hmm... so is weather.niu feeding taiga?  Someone sure is.

>Mace's email is address@hidden

Thanks.  I sent him emails about the datastream change and asked him
if he is, in fact, the Mace Bentley that used to be at WKU.

>I am in Florida at the SLS
>conference right now, can you email him directly?


>I gotta run, coffee break is almost over. Thanks!



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