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20000810: unable to file new PNG compressed products (cont.)

>From: Peter Schmid <address@hidden>
>Organization: SUNY Albany
>Keywords: 200008082008.e78K8UT22962 LDM MCIDAS pqact.conf pnga2area


I got onto your machine this morning and see the problem.  You are running
pqact with a specification for a pattern of which products it will
read out of the queue:

address@hidden:/data5/data2/mcidas/data% ps -eaf | grep pqact
 unidata  9186  8638  0 17:14:25 pts/5    0:00 grep pqact
 unidata 27477 27470  1   Aug 09 ?       32:42 pqact -d /data1 -q 
/ldmpq/pqsurf.pq /unidata/etc/pqsurf.conf
 unidata 27469 27466  1   Aug 09 ?       103:40 pqact -d /data1 -p 

The pattern specified as the value of the '-p' flag does not allow for
reading of the PNG compressed imagery since its header does not begin with
a capital letter.  You should later this pattern so that it allows pqact
to process lines with headers that look like:

pnga2area Q. ...


This was interesting at the least.  I am guessing that you are specifying
the pattern since you don't necessarily want to process the stuff in the
queue that may be fed to downstream sites.

Let me know if you don't think that this is the solution.


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