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19991115: ldm-mcidas7.6

>From: "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Virginia
>Keywords: 199911151941.MAA25833 installation

Hi Jennie-

>I was a little confused on how to setup the ldm-mcidas, I was
>trying to get it ready for a switch, without actually
>ie., I was setting it up with the "version control" method
>we used for the ldm, and the new mcidas version itself.
>I actually think I figured out what I needed regarding
>ldm-mcidas, but now I am wondering if I should upgrade the 
>ldm too, before I switch things over.   

That's not necessary.   You should upgrade at some point because
there each release contains bugfixes as well as enhancements.

>I am running ldm-5.0.5, and I see that the newest version is 
>ldm-5.0.8.  Our last ldm-upgrade was performed by Kevin last year, 
>so its been a while since I dealt with the ldm installation.  
>I have been reviewing the web-pages on installation (it gives me
>a headache), and was just looking for the binaries.  
>Is it important to continue with this?  I was looking at
>the LDM 5 Site Managers Guide and was following the info
>on Getting the LDM Distribution, but the links labelled:
>Via the World Wide Web 
>and the link
>Via FTP lead nowhere.  

I couldn't find these links in the Site Managers Guide.  Could
you please send me the URL of the page with these links and
I'll pass it on to Robb.

>So, I just issued the ftp command from a command line
>ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu 
>and I followed the instructions to get the binary distribution
>from /pub/binary.
>There was an entry for sunos_5.6-sparc and this is what I tried
>to get with a binary mget.  There were a lot of additional
>packages under this directory (eg., netcdf, etc), but when
>I got to what I wanted it gave me an error:
>sunos_5.6-sparc/ldm-5.0.8.tar.Z: No such file or directory

You would only need to download the ldm.tar.Z file.  I'm not sure
why you'd get an error on this download - the links look okay to 
me.  I just tried this and didn't get any errors.

>So.....do I even need to worry about this now?  I think Tom
>had told me before that I didn't *have* to upgrade the
>ldm (he didn't think).... and frankly, I am afraid I will
>screw things up and then have an even bigger problem.  So,
>maybe I can save this upgrade for later, and continue with
>trying to get the new ldm-mcidas and mcidas7.6 running.

I'd bite off only one upgrade at a time, since the LDM upgrade
isn't critical.  However, you should upgrade it as soon as you
get a chance.

>If its not important to upgrade the ldm, then I guess I am ready 
>o stop the ldm, 
>o delete the current MD files (since as I understand
>  it, they won't be readable anyway with the new decoders
>  schema??)
>o change the runtime link I have set up for the ldm-mcidas
>  decoders so it points to ldm-mcidas-7.6.1
>o change the runtime link I have set up for mcidas so
>  it point to mcidas7.6
>o copy the new SCHEMA file (which came with ldm-mcidas-7.6.1 
>  in the etc directory) to /incoming/data/mcidasd (the
>  directory where mcidas products decode, and where the current
>  SCHEMA for 7.4 is sitting (should I save the old SCHEMA as 
>  SCHEMA.7.4 in case I need to drop the links back to 7.4 
>  for any reason??)

Can't hurt to make a backup copy.

>o what about the new copies of SYSKEY.TAB and ROUTE.SYS that
>  came with ldm-mcidas-7.6.1, should I move these too (this seems
>  potentially dangerous if we have made any changes to the 
>  ROUTEing table from the default...so if I am supposed to 
>  do this, I guess I better list the current routing table first
>  so I can fix the new one?)

The only things that might be different is that there might be newer
entries for products that have been added to the distribution since
ldm-mcidas-7.4 was released (perhaps FSL2 profiler data). You could
check the output of a listing of your current ROUTE.SYS and the one
that came with the distribution and see if there are any differences.
I'd change the REDIRECTion for ROUTE.SYS in some account other than
mcidas (so you don't screw up the realtime stuff) to point to the one
in the ldm-mcidas-7.6.1 distribution and run ROUTE LIST. Compare that
to a listing from the one you are currently using. If there are no new
products, then don't worry about updating ROUTE.SYS. If there are, you
could add them manually to the realtime version (through the mcidas
account). There is no reason to update SYSKEY.TAB.

>o restart the ldm
>I hope I have this right.  Then I can get on with the business
>of seeing if/when our scripts break doing something that is
>either non-y2k compliant or is non-ADDE or whatever (I think
>we are pretty clean....but this is why I need to make the
>switch soon, so I can fix whatever breaks).  

I think you have it right.

>As an aside, I also need to get the capability of 7.6 working.
>I wasted a bunch of time last night trying to customize the 
>color table for a page of skewt's I need to make routinely
>for a project this spring.  I thought I could just restore
>a new color table (GU REST MYSKEWT.GRX), and then make
>the SKEWT's with INIT=NO.  However, it wouldn't work.  When
>I got on to see if any others had asked this question, I
>found a new program UAPLOT which I didn't even know about,
>but I listed the help file for it in the 7.6 directory and
>it looks like it will do what I want (and I can control the
>colors).  Who knows all the other things I am missing out on!

Using UAPLOT is the better way to go since SKEWT will be sunset.
Also, UAPLOT draws real SkewT diagrams, the ones SkewT draws are

>Anyway....if you can look over the steps above and either give me
>a heads up, or ask for clarification, I would greatly appreciate
>it.  I find its easier to ask for help before I mess things
>up, rather than after ;-)

I think you have the right idea.

>Sorry its a long note....but, thats mcidas for you!

No problem.  Better to spell it all out.  Let me know if you have
any problems.


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