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19990810: Satellite imagery problems

>From: Tim Doggett <address@hidden>
>Organization: Texas Tech
>Keywords: 199908102237.QAA15946 ldm-mcidas lwtoa3


>Our satellite imagery has been flakey ever since we switched over to LDM
>from MCIDAS-LDM during the summer.  There are large streaks of no data in
>the images that significantly reduce the quality of the images.   For an
>example please see... http://gustfront.atmo.ttu.edu/gem_images/ir_img.gif
>As far as we can tell this could be either a problem in the IDD feed or
>with the area file decoder (though we could very well be wrong about that).
> We have tinkered with about everything we can think of.  This problem does
>not go away during low usage times... so I don't think it is a bandwidth

This problem is fixed in the current (7.6.0) release of the ldm-mcidas
decoder, lwtoa3.  Please update your ldm-mcidas decoders to the current
version (announced today!) by FTPing a binary distribution for your
platform from the pub/binary directory of our FTP server,
ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.  Make sure that you grab a 7.6.0 ldm-mcidas
distribution as the 7.4.0 version will exhibit the streaks that you
note above.

>Any suggestions would be GREATLY appeciated.

Let me know (address@hidden) if this does not fix your problem.

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