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19990428: ldm-mcidas and waldo (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199904091934.NAA23884 ldm-mcidas


>Somehow, I feel there has been a major error of omission on 
>my part.  My assumption was that I needed to install and 
>configure 2 packages, the ldm and mcidasx, and that is 
>what we have been working on.

This was a good assumption on your part.  The reason that there is a 
separate ldm-mcidas package is that GEMPAK sites need the AREA file
unraveller, lwtoa3, but have no interest in building and installing
McIDAS simply to be able to build this decoder.  Quite a few years
ago we decided to create a separate package and make binaries available
so that those sites not interested in McIDAS but interested in the
McIDAS imagery could get what they needed.

>Apparently, the decoders
>must not be included in either of these, so at this point
>they do not exist.  

Here is where confusion comes in.  There are two sets of decoders for
both McIDAS and GEMPAK:

o for McIDAS, the decoders are ldm-mcidas and McIDAS-XCD
o for GEMPAK the decoders are ldm-mcidas and the normal GEMPAK decoders

It makes for confusion I'll admit, and I will apologize for that.  It
is likely that the ldm-mcidas package will disappear in the not-so-distant
future.  On July 1 we will be dropping the non-image products from the
Unidata-Wisconsin datastream.  At some point in the future, we will be
changing how we send out imagery in the UW datastream.  At that point we
should be able to drop ldm-mcidas since it will not be needed for decoding
of the images.

>I have no objections to your working on  our machine, and I also
>understand if you are too busy.   I will go to your web site and 
>read some more about ldm-mcidas.

Right now, I am working on our systems to get a binary of ldm-mcidas
created for Solaris x86 using the gcc/f2c compilers.  After leaving last
night, I decided that building the netCDF on your system only put off
the inevitable job of creating the gcc/f2c binary distribution for
ldm-mcidas, so I decided to plunge in.

>Any suggestions from you are appreciated.

Hold off on trying to install any ldm-mcidas stuff for right now.  I will,
hopefully, have a usable binary for you sometime today.  At that point,
I will FTP it over and install it under the home directory for 'ldm'.
I will then adjust your .chsrc file so that the directory containing
the decoders is in PATH (I will probably just copy the decoders to
the ~ldm/decoders directory since that is already in PATH).  Lastly,
I will setup McIDAS ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files so that your machine
can produce the composite imagery you are undoubtedly used to seeing
on your OS/2 boxes.  Of course, I will send you back a note telling
you what I have done so you can review it.  After all, you will need
to know what is going on so that you can keep things running in the

Talk to you later...


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