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[IDV #XNQ-939998]: GFS Best Time Series Problems

> Yuan:
> So, am I to assume that all the other fields are either hr 0 or hr
> 3, but the 3-hour accumulation is hr 3?

     I would say most other fields are either 0 hr or 3 hr, there may be other 
time interval parameters in 
the list which I don't know much.

> In some respects, I see John's point.  However, it is a bit odd to
> mix and match in this way (of course, you could also say asking for 3-h
> precip at an analysis time is also odd, but it is the only way I think I
> can get it during the forecast cycle).  I see now that there are a
> variety of time-matching challenges at the IDV-THREDDS interface.
> However, I do need to point out again that there is a a critical need to
> be able to plot in the legend what model run and analysis/forecast hour
> is being plotted in each frame.  If that were done, users would at least
> know what they are looking at.

I was told It is in their plan to make this available in the netCDF-Java 4.6 
library and hopefully we
can deliver this to the IDV users asap. I am truly sorry for delayed.

> Normally I would say that I hope the THREDDS and IDV teams can
> make progress on this issue, but that suggests it is not a high priority
> item.  In my view, it *is* a high priority item because it is essential
> for a scientist or forecaster to know what they are looking at.  Right
> now, all we know is that we're looking at grids from Model X or Model
> Y.  This is especially important in situations when model grids might
> not have come in.
> Jim
> On 2/12/15 10:51 AM, Unidata IDV Support wrote:
> > Jim,
> >         The parameter of 3-hour accumulated precipitation is very unique in 
> > the BST, it is so called time interval variable.
> > John believes it is better to use previous run value for the current run 0 
> > hour. Otherwise, the it is difficult to find the physical
> > meaning of 0 hour value for the  parameter of 3-hour accumulated 
> > precipitation.
> >
> > Yuan
> >> >

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