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[IDV #GWW-238566]: Please clarify: Parameter Alias, Parameter Defaults

> Hello IDV crew.
> About "parameters" -- the documentation is muddy about these, can I get 
> clarification?
> System Parameter Aliases are all uppercase (TEMP,RH,MIXR,...).
> System Parameter Defaults are for lowercase parameters 
> (temp,rh,dewpoint,regexps... but no mixr for example!)
> What is the mapping between these?

    They are the same, not sure why the parameter default using lower case. 
Basically, alias table telling what it is and defaults table telling what to do 
with it (like color table and unit).
> If I create a new Parameter Default for MIXR, and associate that with some 
> variable via a
> Parameter Alias, the default color scale I set gets used (although not the 
> range - it autoscales).

You probably need to have a MIXR alias too, otherwise, I am not sure how to 
tell the IDV what to do.
> And what is the meaning and role of "Display unit" in Parameter Defaults?

For those variables like temperature, you can display it as celsius or kelvin, 
and this is why we need display unit.

> Does IDV actually convert units from some library if it gets g/kg instead of 
> kg/kg in some dataset? It doesn't seem to, in my MIXR tests above.
> Or is this just a label string to be used for the color bar (which might then 
> be wrong if I set it wrong?)

I believe if the unit for the temp is kelvin in a dataset, and you the display 
unit is celsius, the IDV will convert it automatically.

> Thanks,
> Brian Mapes
> address@hidden

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