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[IDV #LAM-672317]: possible memory issue in IDV


I am not able to duplicate OOME. I did see a perhaps related, smaller memory 
problem with the ucar.unidata.util.CacheManager. I wrote a little ISL script to 
loop through the loading of 50 satellite imagery bundles (each at a separate 
time). The images are global, full resolution (4096 x 8192). I ran the IDV in 
the Yourkit Java profiler with this ISL script. I noted after I ran the garbage 
collector and cleared the cache (right-click on the clock to achieve this), the 
CacheManager was still not empty (~150MB). I can observe the CacheManager's 
unintentional object retention in the Yourkit profiler. 

These days, there are open source, industrial strength caches that we can make 
use of. I may explore the possibility of replacing CacheManager internals with 
ehcache. But again, I am not able to reproduce the OOME.

Best Wishes,

Unidata IDV Support

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> >      Ticket ID: LAM-672317
> >      Subject: possible memory issue in IDV
> >      Department: Support IDV
> >      Priority: Normal
> >      Status: Open
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> > Unidata User Support
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> R/Sir
> I have found similar behavior in IDV 4.0 (the official release) too...
> regards
> Ghansham

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: LAM-672317
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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