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[IDV #QIB-933583]: problems with creating dashed contours

Greetings Frank,

I wonder if this issue has been resolved in the current release of the IDV (we 
are at 3.0u1 - https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/idv/index.jsp). Would you 
mind updating to the latest release to see if the problem still exists? If so, 
please send us a bundle so that we can see exactly how you have things setup 
and to give us a better idea of where to diagnose the issue in the code. To 
send the bundle, simply load the data into the IDV and get the contours to 
behave incorrectly, then, from the dashboard, click "Help" -> "Support Request 
Form" - please make sure "Include Current State as Bundle" is checked in the 
lower left corner of the support request form. Are the data you are using 
located on a publicly accessible server (like motherlode?) - if not, it would 
be helpful to have a copy of the dataset so that the bundle will work (a small 
subset, spatial and temporal, will work - no need to have the whole thing).



> Greetings....
> I am having problems creating dashed contours using IDV.  I would like to
> create a plot containing
> mean sea level pressure and 1000-500mb thickness (in gpm), with the
> 1000-500mb thickness
> contours being dashed.  I am not having success at this, or at changing the
> thickness of the
> contours.  I have followed the directions in the in the Users Guide, setting
> the base contour
> at my maximum contour value and then clicking the Dash button in the Contour
> Properies
> Editor.  Unfortunately, no luck.  For the record, I am using v2.9u2.
> Thanks in advance.
> peace,
> Frank
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