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[IDV #XQW-238455]: station model


My first suggestion would be to look at the "3.6 Point Observations" section of 
the IDV workshop 

Let us know if you do not find a solution to your concern therein.



> Full Name: So-Young Ha
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: MMM/NCAR
> Package Version: 2.9u1 build date:2010-09-02 19:36 UTC
> Operating System: Mac OS X
> Hardware: Java: home: 
> /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home version: 
> 1.6.0_20 j3d:1.5.2 fcs (build4)
> Description of problem: I'm trying to make a plot of NOAA MADIS data for 
> METAR station observations.
> Preferably, I'd like to draw the station model plots (i.e., w/ weather 
> symbols) for the surface analysis.
> Is the station model plot supported by IDV?
> I had no problem reading metar observations from the netcdf-format MADIS data 
> in IDV, but cannot find an option for station plots except value plots.
> Thanks,
> 1
> ******************
> Stack trace:
> java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
> at au.gov.bom.aifs.osa.analysis.Barnes.point2grid(Barnes.java:117)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.point.PointObFactory.barnesOneTime(PointObFactory.java:2547)
> at ucar.unidata.data.point.PointObFactory.barnes(PointObFactory.java:2258)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.point.PointDataSource.getDataInner(PointDataSource.java:1229)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataSourceImpl.getData(DataSourceImpl.java:2238)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DirectDataChoice.getData(DirectDataChoice.java:332)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataChoice.getData(DataChoice.java:637)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataInstance.getData(DataInstance.java:243)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataInstance.getData(DataInstance.java:207)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridDataInstance.init(GridDataInstance.java:200)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridDataInstance.<init>(GridDataInstance.java:157)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridDataInstance.<init>(GridDataInstance.java:138)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.PlanViewControl.doMakeDataInstance(PlanViewControl.java:1361)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.DisplayControlImpl.initializeDataInstance(DisplayControlImpl.java:3084)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.DisplayControlImpl.setData(DisplayControlImpl.java:3066)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.control.PlanViewControl.setData(PlanViewControl.java:586)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.ContourPlanViewControl.setData(ContourPlanViewControl.java:214)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.control.PlanViewControl.init(PlanViewControl.java:437)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.DisplayControlImpl.init(DisplayControlImpl.java:1333)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.DisplayControlImpl.init(DisplayControlImpl.java:1034)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.ControlDescriptor.initControl(ControlDescriptor.java:986)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.ControlDescriptor$1.run(ControlDescriptor.java:911)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1090)

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Ticket ID: XQW-238455
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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