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[McV #LQX-280027]: IOUtil.getInputStream request

> I'm using IOUtil.getInputStream(String) to get the contents of a URL hosted 
> at SSEC.  This call falls through to IOUtil.getInputStream(String, Class) 
> which captures HTTP response code 401, but not others.  In my case, on a 
> wireless network that redirects to a gateway, the response code is 302.  
> Could you please add a check for other HTTP redirects (at least 301, 302, 
> 303) and throw an exception?  In this case the input stream that is returned 
> is valid, but the content is not the resource you are expecting.

Hi Dave,
The problem is the URLConnection handles the redirects automatically. In the 
                URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
                if (connection instanceof HttpURLConnection) {
                    HttpURLConnection huc = (HttpURLConnection) connection;
//We never see a 301 here. All we see is the 200
                    if (huc.getResponseCode() == 401) {


Do you know a different approach?


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