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[IDV #FTS-764408]: IDV 2.7b3: Items in the Legend


> I've developed a couple of displays that have the same content but
> different projections (one global lat/lon, one Northern Hemisphere
> stereographic) and somewhat different properties. I'd like to be able
> to order the fields listed in the legend identically, so students who
> get used to manipulating the display using one Legend would have an
> easier time manipulating the other display.
> I can't find anything in the documentation to suggest that I could do
> this--am I missing something, or does the order in which items appear
> in the Legend determined by the order in which fields were added to
> the display? (Reordering both (1) categories of display types and (2)
> fields within categories would be helpful. Otherwise I guess I'd have
> to go back and recreate the second display by adding fields in the
> same order in which I added them to the first display.)

The order of the items in the legend is dependent on when they get loaded and 
first displayed.  From a bundle, that's not guaranteed to be the same every 
time at this point.  With the new multi-processor support and disk caching of 
data, I find that I can get a different order quite often for some of my 

Sorry about that.


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